Cyber Security

ASJ cybersecurity Services

  • Compliance Services
    • Assist companies to obtaining ARAMCO Cybersecurity Compliance Certification (CCC)
  • Risk Assessment
    • A cybersecurity risk assessment is an assessment of an organization’s ability to protect its information and information systems from cyber threats.
    • The purpose is to identify, assess, and prioritize risks to information and information systems.
  • Vulnerability Assessment
    • A vulnerability assessment is an analysis of vulnerabilities in an IT system at a certain point in time, with the aim of identifying the system’s weaknesses before hackers can get hold of them.
  • Data Security
    • Confidentiality: Ensuring that only authorized individuals or systems have access to sensitive data.
    • Integrity: Guaranteeing the accuracy and reliability of data by preventing unauthorized alterations.
    • Availability: Ensuring that data is accessible when needed, minimizing downtime and disruptions.
  • Penetration Testing
    • Penetration Testing is a multi-layered security assessment that uses a combination of machine and human-led techniques to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in infrastructure, systems and applications. and conducted by a professional ethical hacker will include a post-assessment report detailing any vulnerabilities discovered and remediation guidance to help address them.
  • Employee Training
    • Conduct regular Cybersecurity training for all staff